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MultiBey - For Your Fashion Office

Gold Paper Clips Binder Clips Thumb Tacks Set

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About this item

  • 1. Set Includes: 10pcs 2" gold jumbo paper clips; 30pcs 2" big paper clips; 50pcs 1.1" medium size paper clips; 12pcs 25mm large binder clips; 12 pcs 7.5mm small binder clips; 20pcs ball head push pins; 20pcs clear push pins. Valuable cset.
  • 2. Stylish: Clear with Gold/Rose Gold, two-tone fashion and modern design, helpful stationery desk supplies and great desktop decor. Clips and tacks are stored in a transparent plastic organizer, easy to access and keeps your desk organized and clean.
  • 3. Assorted Size: Paper clips, binder clips and pushpins with mixed size in one box, you can find the right size you need in this pins & clip set.
  • 4. Multi-purpose Use: Paper clips and binder clips are perfect for organizing papers, file, bookmarks, photo albums, envelope, tickets, notes, etc. Thumbtacks are applicable to cork board, travel maps, bulletin board, calendars, notice boards, cardboard and more.
  • 5. Material: Made of premium stainless steel, durable and sturdy for years to come.